Brazilian Soccor Team Masseur Makes Double Save Before Running Away (Video)

A team masseur prevented a certain goal by kicking the ball off the line during a Brazilian fourth division match and was then chased off the field by the enraged attacking team.

Brazilian national football delivered a dramatic, yet comical, scene when one team's back-room staff member prevented a certain goal by kicking the ball off the line during a fourth division match. He was chased off the field by enraged rival team members.

Tupi, the team which was winning against rival Aparecidense before the stunt, said they would take legal measures following the incident which led to their elimination from the competition.

"The players are saying that I am the twelfth player, that I practically secured the team's classification. The goal that I prevented was as if I made the classification goal,"the masseur, Romildo Fonseca da Silva, said according to local reports.

Tupi described the incident as "one of the most shameful episodes in the history of Brazilian football" on their website and said they would lodge a formal complaint. 

Prosecutor Paulo Schmidt told Brazilian media the game would be annulled.

"The prosecution should process a denunciation soon within the beginning of the week against the masseur and team. There is a possibility this game will be annulled."

Television pictures showed the masseur wearing the Aparecidense uniform and standing next to the goal when Tupi players launched an attack late in the game.

He moved into the goal, cleared one shot off the line and then stopped the rebound with both feet before scrambling the ball away, for a double save any goalkeeper would have been proud of.

The staff scared member then turned, ran behind the goal, hurdled the advertising hoardings and sprinted to the dressing room entrance, chased by furious Tupi players. Riot police prevented the livid players from following him down the tunnel.

Play was re-started after a 20-minute delay but Tupi were unable to create further chances.

The game ended 2-2 and Aparecidense went through on away goals after a 3-3 aggregate draw in the round of 16 tie.

The Brazilian fourth division consists of a group stage following by a knockout competition.

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