Footballer Kisses Opponent, Gets a Yellow Card

The world is not ready for two footballers smooching on the pitch just yet.

Lee Mansell

With Christmas just around the corner, one footballer tried to spread some love to a fellow player, but instead of being appreciated, he was reprimanded.

Yes, that's what the world has come to.

The story is from a football match between Bristol Rovers and Gateshead – two Conference clubs from the UK. Following a hard challenge, Bristol's Lee Mansell and Gateshead's JJ O’Donnell squared up to each other.

An altercation or at least a clash of heads seemed imminent. But before things escalated, Mansell proceeded to plant a kiss on O'Donnell's lips and also gave him a massive smile. Not content with just one, the loving man proceeded to smooch his opponent one more time.

It doesn't appear, however, that O’Donnell appreciated this shower of kisses. And neither did the ref, who intervened, brought Mansell out of the romantic zone and served him a yellow card.

While his flurry of kisses may trigger homophobia in some, Mansell said it was nothing of that sort. All he was trying to do was diffuse a heated situation.

“We either clash heads and he goes down or I end up doing something silly," he said in a post-match interview. "I did it to defuse the situation. It’s the first time I’ve been booked for kissing someone.”

Watch him explain his lip lock in the video below:

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