Pretty Girl Bro Zones Tour De France Leader; Rejects Kiss

Zohaib Ahmed
July 7, 2014: Well, you can't blame a guy for trying.

Wining a major international event is an honor only a select few get a taste of in their lifetime. When that incredibly rare moment does arrive, sportsmen automatically start assuming that they're the king of the world, and can get away with anything – even locking lips with a stranger.

A case in the point is that of the Tour de France Stage 2 winner Vincenzo Nibali – who after capturing the yellow jersey on Monday – deemed it appropriate to reach out for traditional celebratory kisses from the two pretty ladies flanking him.

One lady obliged, but when he turned and expected the same from the other one, he got placed in the bro zone - fast. The short-haired brunette totally snubbed Nibali, leaving him look like a complete idiot, playing with his collar.

Actually, after a close inspection it feels she might have played him because her facial expressions before Nibali's failed attempt were totally inviting. Her smize was so enticing that winner or no winner; anyone would've tried their luck.

Poor Nibali fell for it and was left scratching his collar when she turned away. Fortunately, his stuffed lion and flower bouquet had arrived by then, so he got busy with them, implying that nothing major has happened. His face, however, gave away his actual state of emotions.

Here's a vine of what happened:

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