Watch This Ridiculously Powerful 101 KPH Goal From KSA

It could be the most powerful strike of the season.

bruno cesar

In football, they call a long range goal hit with a lot of power and pace a "thunderbastard."

This art of putting your laces through the ball is on the wane these days. We don't have many power shooters left, which is why this goal scored by Brazil's Bruno Cesar for Al-Ahli against Al-Nassr in Saudi Professional League is so special.

Having collected the ball near the center circle, Cesar dribbled past a defender before unleashing a vicious thunderbastard from some 30 yards out. Unconfirmed sources have put the velocity of his left-footed hit at 101 kph, which explains why the goalkeeper looked so helpless. He really had no chance of stopping that bullet of a strike.

While Cesar's goal is nowhere near as powerful as his countryman and world record holder Ronny Heberson's mother of all thunderbastards, it still is something special.

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