Blue Again! Cardiff City Football Club Scrap Red Color And Return To Blue Color After 87-Year-Old Mom Steps In

Cardiff announced they will return to playing in blue ASAP.

Why did Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan give in to demands of the Cardiff City fans and change the club colors from red back to blue? 

His mother. 

The Malaysian owner was in an epic struggle. For almost three years, Tan had dismissed the fury of the Bluebirds supporters disgusted at the red rebrand after 114 years of their team playing in blue

Following growing anger and the advice of his 87-year-old mother, Tan decided to back down. He called supporter representatives - as well as local MPs and business leaders - for a meeting with the board on Thursday. Although he did not attend, he agreed with the recommendations of chairman Mehmet Dalman and chief executive Ken Choo to rebrand the rebrand. 

Tan says, "Cardiff City Football Club is important to me and I wish to see it united and happy. With the guidance and influence of my mother, I asked my chairman, Mehmet Dalman and Chief Executive Officer, Ken Choo for their advice and to consult with a good cross-section of the fan base."

Also decided at the meeting was a redesign of the club crest to feature the bluebird symbol more prominently.

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