Finally An Olimpico Goal From Corner Kick That's Intentional

Many have scored direct from the corner kick, but not like this dude.

Carlos Lobaton

Goals scored straight from the corner kick – also called Olimpico – don't get much love because it's almost impossible to tell if the corner taker really meant it or not.

Fortunately, this latest golazo by Peruvian footballer Carlos Lobaton is crystal clear, so we can sit back and appreciate what an outstanding strike it was.

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Playing for Sporting Cristal against Cienciano on Tuesday, Lobaton was assigned the corner taking duties. Instead of taking an indirect corner kick with the inside of his foot so that the ball swings away from the goal post, the veteran midfielder shot it from the outside.

What Lobaton had shrewdly observed was that the goalkeeper was standing way outside his line – almost at the edge of the 6-yard box. So, he intentionally aimed it for the goal rather than his teammates, catching the goalie completely off guard in the process.

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It went in, and wild celebrations followed. The icing on the cake: It was the game's only goal, so Lobaton's quick thinking and superb tekkers won it for his side.

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