Caroline Wozniacki Brushes Aside Her Ponytail And Her Opponent In One Go

August 28, 2014: First Rory, now this. Everything is falling apart for poor Caro.

Have you ever wondered why women in sports don't sport fancy hairdos during the course of play? They are on national television and are being seen by millions, yet their hair is all tied up at the back in a ponytail or a nice bun. Why?

What happened to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki on Wednesday is the perfect answer to this fashion (or lack thereof) conundrum.

The Danish beauty was sporting a ponytail in her second-round U.S. Open match against Aliaksandra Sasnovich. Despite her best efforts to not let her tress trouble her, it's just what happened.

During a rally, Woz went for her trademark double-handed backhand stroke, but got her racket tangled in her ponytail. It limited her swing and made her lose the point.

She still managed to brush aside her opponent 6-3, 6-4 and learned a valuable lesson about hair manners in sports. She better cut it down short or at least do what Flavia Pennetta does:

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