Horror Comeback: Watch Casey Stoner’s Dramatic Motorcycle Crash

Former world MotoGP champion Casey Stoner’s first motorcycle race in almost three years ended in a disaster when he came off his Honda on a hairpin bend.

Australian motorcyclist and dual MotoGP World Champion Casey Stoner’s first competitive race in three years came to a horrifying end.

The retired professional was riding for the Musashi Honda team during the Suzuka 8-Hours race in Japan when he missed a hairpin turn and skidded off the road in a sickening fashion. The impact of the crash sent the biker flying off his Honda and tumbling onto the track.

The 29-year-old tried to crawl to the safety of the barriers on his hands and knees, but track marshals quickly reached him and guided him out of the harm’s way.

Although, Stoner suffered a broken scapula (shoulder blade) and fractured tibia in the crash, he was fortunate enough to avoid more serious injuries.

Check out the video posted above to watch the accident.

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Stoner later took to Twitter to assure fans that he's OK. He also shared a photo of himself with his arm in a sling and his leg bandaged and elevated.

“I am really disappointed that the Suzuka 8-Hours has ended like this,” said Stoner. “Unfortunately, we experienced some mechanical trouble as I was going through the corner leading up to the hairpin.”

Apparently, a stuck throttle is blamed for the horrific crash.

“In this corner I did not have enough time to pull the clutch and have another go at the turn as I came in with too much speed, I picked the bike up to try to slow down more but I was heading towards the wall so I decided to lay it over and hit the barrier but unfortunately, they were a lot harder than they looked and we came out of it with a broken bone in the ankle and broken scapular [shoulder blade],” he added.

Stoner announced his retirement from the MotoGP series in 2012 at the age of 27.

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