Watch MMA Fighter Plead With Ref To Not Make Him Hit Already KO'd Opponent

Here is more proof that MMA is an actual sport and not just a bunch of blood thirsty savages killing each other.

chad george

We've seen plenty of fights in combative sports when one fighter continues to punish the other one despite it being clear that the fight is over. The refs usually intervene but it gives the sport a bad look.

But in an MMA bout between Chad George and Mark Vorgeas at Bellator 136, something completely the opposite happened. Roughly three minutes into the opening round, George put Vorgeas into a Von Flue choke and suddenly the latter's jostling stopped.

George knew before everyone else that he had put his man to sleep and the fight is over. But because both were still holding each other, it was difficult to tell for the referee what Vorgeas' status was. This is when George released him out of the hold and literally pleaded with the ref to call the fight over.

"He's out!" George yelled at the ref, who replied: "No he's not. No he's not."

Not wanting to do any more damage on his opponent, George again yelled: "Yes he is! Yes he is! He's out!"

The ref finally agreed that George was right and declared him the winner.

The commentator's reaction explains how rare and good it is to see an MMA fighter showing this level of sportsmanship. With his airtight chokehold, George didn't just prove he is a great fighter but he also earned himself many admirers with his gesture.

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