Thanks To Internet Memes, Chevy’s 'Technology And Stuff' Sells

The Internet sure knows how to turn things around for Chevrolet.

In the postgame presentation of the 2014 World Series, Chevrolet's regional manager Rikk Wilde made a huge fool of himself by giving one of the most nervous speeches ever. The thought of being on national television got him so confused he flubbed his lines and had to refer to a piece of paper to remember what to say next.

The best part of his monologue came when the camera zoomed in on the 2015 Chevy Colorado he was supposed to present to World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner. Eager to end his nightmare under the spotlight, the perspiring Wilde described the car by simply saying that it comes equipped with "technology and stuff."

His speech spawned a Twitter trend, which brought about a number of memes that which resulted in Chevrolet making the best of a funny situation.

Instead of being upset at Wilde's big mishap, Chevrolet decided to embrace the popularity of the meme and "technology and stuff" as evident by the new home page of their website.

"We believe baseball fans in Kansas City and elsewhere can relate with Rikk's authentic emotions," Chevrolet said in a statement. "While not perfect, Rikk did have his facts correct, the Colorado does come with a lot of 'technology and stuff.'"

Later, the company's spokesperson added: "He was on message. The truck has technology and stuff. We will use that term and stuff."

Don't we just love the Internet?

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