What Happens To Derrick Rose Every Year...Just Happened Again!

The Chicago Bulls superstar is once again staring at a long road to recovery.

Derrick Rose

There is no new way of telling this story, with the emphasis being on "new."

Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls is out injured again, and yes, it's his knee, as always. On Tuesday afternoon, the 2011 NBA MVP experienced soreness and a few hours later he was having an MRI of his right knee.

Rose and knee in the same sentence is never a happy story, and this time is no exception. News is that the Chicago's fast wilting rose has a torn meniscus, and even though the Bulls have set no timetable on his return, it's widely believed his season is once again over before everyone else's.

This knee is the same one surgically repaired last season and that limited Rose to just 10 regular season games. However, this is not the other knee, in which he tore his ACL in 2012. Yeah, it seems Rose has 99 problems and his knees are all of them.

That joke may have been in bad taste, but it's true. This is the fourth knee injury he has suffered since been drafted by the Bulls six years ago. In fact, he has had so many of these that he has run out of variety. The meniscus he tore in his right knee is exactly the same injury he suffered last year. They didn't remove it, instead, took the shortcut of repairing it, and now it's Groundhog Day for poor Rose.

derrick rose injury

Question is, how many more of these debilitating knocks can he take before it starts compromising his long-term health? We know for a fact that this season's Rose was a shadow if his former self, confidence-wise. While in his prime, he used to attack the rim with a vengeance and craft not seen since Allen Iverson was sporting braids in Philly, the Rose of today was content with taking outside shots, resulting in performances like that 1-for-13 shooting night against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Then there was that pre-All-Star against the Cavs when he scored 30 and served seven dimes, but those were rare in a season where his numbers are below his career average in almost all statistical categories.

It's sad really, because this was a match made in heaven. A good-natured Chicago native playing for his home city's sole NBA franchise and also possessing the one-in-a-generation kind of talent...this almost never happens. Odds and basketball gods contrived to put it all together in one place, only for injuries to ruin it all.

Soon after the Bulls confirmed Rose's latest setback, at least one expert came out with the "all's well" remarks, saying that it's not uncommon for top level athletes to bounce back from torn meniscus. But we've heard them all in the past. It's time that the Bulls and Rose's people sit down, let him go through the procedure that isn't a stopgap measure and is actually the best one for him in the long run.

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