Cool Professor Reschedules Exam So Cubs Fan Can Attend Wild-Card Game

When the Chicago Cubs make the playoffs, everything else becomes secondary. Even final exams!

It is not very often that the Chicago Cubs make it to the postseason. Their fans had to endure seven long years of mediocrity just to see their team be a part of the playoffs. So on the rare occasions when they do qualify, the world seems to bend their rules a bit to facilitate their success-starved supporters.

And this is exactly what a professor named Dave at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign did when approached by his student Ben Larson for a favor in the name of the Cubs.

The Larsons are diehard Cubs fans and long had plans to watch the Cubs/Pirates wild-card game in Pittsburgh. The only thing holding them back was Larson's exam, which was scheduled to take place a day after the game. If he were to attend the game, he couldn't make it back in time to take the exam.

So he wrote to his professor asking him to for a little baseball mercy and permission to reschedule his exam on a different day. Instead of balking at his request, the cool prof immediately understood how precious a situation the Cubs are in and how cruel it would be to deny Larson the chance to be at the game.

With the exam request granted, Larson later leaked the emails on Twitter, making his professor a hero and exemplifying that sometimes it's OK for academics to take the backseat when the matters of lifelong passions are on the line.

Now let's hope the Cubs defeat the Pirates on Oct. 7 so Larson can take his exam with a clear head and Dave can be extra generous with his marking.

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