The Chilean Miners Have A Message For Their World Cup Team. It Will Give You Chills.

The Chilean miners who cheated death spur on their country's soccer team to do the same at the World Cup.

World Cup nationalism is at fever pitch, but only Chile has a group of men who stared down death and won pushing them to greatness.

The 33 Chilean miners rescued after 69 days trapped in the Earth's bowels have a powerful message for the Chilean soccer team, who were placed in a so-called "group of death."

"Spain is tough? Netherlands is tough? We don't fear the 'death group!' We don't care about death!" miner Mario Sepulveda passionately yells. "Because we defeated death before!"

Just try watching that without getting chills. 

The miners, whose precarious rescue had the world sitting on edge in 2010, even took soil from the Atacama Desert mine to spread on the Chilean team's practice field in Brazil to "show the world that nothing is impossible for a Chilean."

With the 33 miners and a zealous nation behind them, Chile did indeed defeat the death group and advance to the round of 16. 

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