Table Tennis Star Wins World Title, Loses All His Money For Celebrating

Another day another sports celebration gone wrong.

China's pro table tennis star Zhang Jike upset his top-seeded opponent Ma Long at Liebherr World Cup title in Dusseldorf, Germany on Sunday, and was so pumped up with his big win that he celebrated by kicking the advertising billboards and throwing his shirt in the crowd.

The International Table Tennis Federation wasn't impressed by what Zhang did to their sponsors' signboards, and decided to withhold the $45,000 prize money the tournament winner was entitled to receive.

Apparently, the rather uptight policymakers at the ITTF ruled that Zhang's celebration caused property damage, and decided to punish him for that.

"I am very sorry for what I did,” Jike told the ITTF’s official website. “It was not acceptable behavior and I am sorry."

As the media spotlight increases on sporting events, outrageous celebrations have become the norm. While Zhang's celebratory kick wasn't as bad as the ITTF's punishment made it out to be, there have been incidents in recent times when overzealous celebrations have resulted in great tragedies.

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