24-Year-Old QB Coach Helps Young Footballers Achieve What He Couldn’t

This 24-year-old has resolved to make young footballers’ dreams come true, after seeing his own shatter as a result of several injuries.

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Meet Clint Trickett, current quarterback coach at East Mississippi Community College and a former player for West Virginia Mountaineers.

At 23, his budding career came to a halt when he had to quit after having sustained five concussions in fourteen months in the previous two seasons - the last one coming exactly a year ago on November 20, 2014.

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His desire to play for NFL may have ended there, but now at 24, he is helping shape dreams of other college QBs after joining the coaching staff at EMCC. The decision was not easy for him but this was the only way he could stay close to his love for football by grooming talented prospects to play the game that he cannot.

Football, though a popular game of great fitness and grit, leads to many head injuries every year to players which could even transform into life threatening conditions.

players ,many head injuries

As questions about player safety and head trauma have attracted attention over the past few years, college training staffs have worked to be diligent in identifying players experiencing concussion-like symptoms.

In many cases, however, the decision about whether a player should be allowed to compete still depends on the honesty and cooperation of the footballer as most tend to hide the injury in order to be able to finish the game.

Now Clint, at the helm of quarterbacks coaching affairs at E.M.C.C., says he will instill in young players the idea of safety. Having gone through injuries and seeing his career cut down at the age of 23 have taught Trickett the essentials of football safety which he can surely transfer to potential quarterbacks.

“Obviously would have liked to have played a little longer,” Trickett told 247 Sports in August. “But that’s just how it happened. I decided I wanted to get into coaching. A lot of GAs try to get jobs like this. I already had my masters, there was no need for me to do that.”


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Adding to the Trickett family coaching tree, his oldest brother, Travis, is the co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Samford University, while middle brother, Chance, is the director of recruiting at Louisiana Tech University.  

coach at Samford University

Despite the toll football takes on players, the sport is still loved by most Americans and Trickett is no exception.

Trickett says, “People saying, ‘Would you want your son to play football?’ Well, yes, absolutely!”

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