Clumsy Medic Keeps Dropping Injured Player From Stretcher

Hey medic, you were supposed to dress his wounds, not rub salt all over it.

Ladies and gentleman, we have found the most incompetent and disinterested medic in the whole world.

He was spotted during a second-division football match between Ergotelis and AE Larissa. With Ergotelis left-back Leonardo Koutris injured and needing medical attention, on came two members of the medical staff.

Instead of shifting the stretcher underneath the injured Koutris, they made him get up and move on to the stretcher all by himself. Then, they dropped the poor guy twice, with the one in the cap being the clumsier of the two. On one occasion, he even fell head-first on to the player while struggling with the weight.

Having finally reached the sidelines, he dumped the stretcher on the field as if there were hard rocks on it and not an injured player. Someone should tell him that a medic's job is to minimize injuries not aggravate them.

Perhaps, he was secretly a fan of Larissa. If he was, the plan worked to perfection as Larissa won 2-0 on the night.

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