"Complete Chaos" Over Air Jordan Shoe At Malls

Hundreds of people stood in line for hours at malls around Houston to get a ticket to purchase the new Air Jordan 11 Retro "Legend Blue".

Would you stand in line for a shoe? 

Plenty of people did just that in Houston Sunday and the result was chaos...and a lot of trash. 

In order to get the new $200 Air Jordan 11 Retro 'Legend Blue' sneakers, shoppers had to stand in line and get a ticket. The shoe will be available on December 20th...but only if you have one of those golden tickets. 

A rock shattered a glass entrance door at the Willowbrook Mall and a teenage girl was zapped with a Taser outside The Woodlands Mall.

Montgomery County Sheriff's spokesman Phil Fitzgerald confirmed a deputy had fired an electric jolt from his Taser during crowd control operations, but said he could not provide any further details because any use of force by an officer must be investigated.

Foot Locker, promoting the release of the Air Jordan 11 Retro 'Legend Blue,' did not open Sunday after the incident.

"Our deputies went there in response to a 911 call about a large disturbance. Several hundred had gathered. They were becoming unruly, acting defiant and not following directions," he said. The name of the teen was not released, nobody was arrested.

News reports show parking lots littered with empty donut boxes, soda bottles, broken chairs and other trash.

Let's hope December 20th is more civilized. 

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