The 5 Craziest Things That Happened In Boxing And MMA In 2014

Combative sports brought a world of strangeness to the ring in 2014.

Sports' Craziest Moments

The year 2014 wasn't the most spectacular one as far as memorable fights are concerned, but it did produce more than its share of craziness.

With a bunch of big name fighters missing from the action, it was up to the crazier stories to keep both boxing and mixed martial arts alive in the news.

Down below are five of some of the weirdest, craziest and downright stupid things that took in and around boxing rings and octagons:

MMA Fighter Taps Out As Soon As The Fight Begins

Sports' Craziest Moments

In what was the fastest ever submission in an MMA fight, Irish fighter Alex McCooke tapped out against James Gallagher as soon as the referee started the fight. Later, he cited a sore chest as the reason for his stupefying decision.


Boxer Beats Up Referee After Losing Fight

Sports' Craziest Moments

Croatia's Vido Loncar proved himself to be the most hotheaded boxer in the game when he beat up referee Mageja Dziurgota inside the ring after a loss. He was subsequently handed a life-time ban by the Croatian Boxing Federation.


MMA Fighter's Mom Jumps Inside The Ring After Son Loses Fight

Sports' Craziest Moments

This unnamed MMA fighter was completely dominated by his opponent and lost the fight in the first round, but that's not the most embarrassing part. The sight of him lying down freaked his mommy out who then jumped inside the ring like all mothers usually do at playgrounds to protect their toddlers.


Dead Boxer's Wake Held Inside The Ring With His Dead Body Propped Up In a Corner

Sports' Craziest Moments

Murdered Puerto Rican boxer Christopher Rivera's wish was to have his wake inside the ring. To honor his dying wish, his family did just that, but only better. A local funeral home erected his dead body in one corner, threw in some shades, his boxing gloves and recreated his career for his family.


Amateur Fighter Taps Out To Save Struggling Opponent From Damage

Sports' Craziest Moments

When Mike Pantangco realized that he is just too strong for his opponent Jeremy Raser and could inflict a serious beating on him, he decided to tap out and end the bout. It was an amateur Prison City Fight League with no rewards for either the winner or the loser. Moreover, Raser was a stand-in fighter who was informed of the fight just a few hours beforehand. So, instead of beating him to a pulp, Pantangco tapped out voluntarily in what was a great show of sportsmanship.

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