Fan Takes a Sliding One-Handed Catch; Wins $5K Cash Prize

Best catch ever? We don't know. But it's certainly the best one taken by a spectator.

Cricket Fan

A cricket spectator in New Zealand has won a cash prize of NZ$5,000 by taking a catch so outstanding that even professional cricketers can only dream of it.

The incident occurred in a T20 match between Otago Volts and Wellington at Seddon Park in Hamilton on Tuesday. When Volts’ Michael Bracewell smashed a big one over long on, a fan named Andrew McCullouch suddenly sprung into action.

Making the highlight reel wasn't the only motivation for him to catch the lofted shot. He was fully aware of the venue's promotional offer that promised NZ$5,000 to any fan who grabs a catch. Hence, he raced towards the fence to try his luck. Unfortunately, the barefooted McCulloch slipped while sprinting to take a position under ball and nearly fell over.

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But despite being misbalanced and practically sliding on the green, he somehow managed to extend a hand out in the direction of the ball, and amazingly, it stuck. Such was the difficulty of the catch that commentator Ian Smith couldn't believe what he had seen. McCulloch, naturally, was super ecstatic as well.

It was later revealed that McCulloch's girlfriend – who can also be seen in the clip above – is the sister of Bracewell – the batsman whose hit he caught.

There have been many great catches taken inside the boundary in cricket matches, but of all the ones taken outside it, this one certainly is the greatest.

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