The Pains Of Making A Cricket Ball Show How Serious The Game Is

Cricket is a game that goes back centuries, but only the British, and the countries once ruled by them, are any good at it or feel passionately about it. Those that do have mastered the art of making the cricket ball and the meticulous manufacturing process which is simply fascinating.

The rules of the game may have changed little over time, but the techniques for playing and making the equipment remain the same.

The video below shows the passionate and painstaking procedure of how cricket balls are made; except this one is from 1956.

Now the process may be more automated, but by and large, it’s still done the good old fashioned way.

The video below is from 2012 and shows how cricket balls are made today:

So, from 1956, until now, things haven’t changed much:


Cricket Balls (1956)


Cricket Balls (2012)

As the video aptly highlights, the cork ball or cricket ball is “a joy to the bowler and the batsman alike.”

When it comes to cricket, there are many new forms of the game that have popped up over the years. While a Test cricket match, stretching over 5 days, is still the most revered form of the sport; the inclusion of the much shorter Twenty20 format says a lot about how cricket has been modernized. 

That said, cricket is cricket, and while we may not understand all the rules associated with the sport or the passion behind it; for the lovers of the game, it is the sport to beat all sports. The love, affection, and attention to detail is showcased perfectly through these videos.

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