NFL Hall Of Famer Gets Emotional In His Criticism Of Child Abuse

Was Adrian Peterson's beating of his 4-year-old son corporal punishment or torture?

From the past few weeks alone, it seems as though the National Football League is full of despicable and villainous characters, but that's not entirely accurate. On Sunday, former Minnesota Vikings star Cris Carter came on ESPN's "NFL Countdown" and passionately blasted the increasingly violent behavior of football players.

The Hall of Famer addressed both the Ray Rice and the Adrian Peterson controversies, and urged the NFL authorities to chuck out players who bring the game's good name into disrepute. He even drew from his own experiences to lambaste the child abuse that runs rampant in society in the name of child rearing.

While everyone at the show agreed with Carter's emotional remarks, NBA legend Charles Barkley seemed to be on Peterson's side in a show that aired on CBS.

The former ballplayer has a tendency to go out on a limb, and it was on full display here. His point is that corporal punishment is a major parenting tool in the South, and Peterson shouldn't be singled out for his actions due to his high profile.

"... Listen, we spank kids in the South," Barkley said. "I think the question about did Adrian Peterson go overboard — listen, Jim, we all grow up in different environments. Every black parent in my neighborhood in the South would be in trouble or in jail under those circumstances."

Minnesota Vikings running back Peterson is in hot water these days after TMZ released pictures of his 4-year-old's son's injuries suffered during one of Peterson's violent "parenting" sessions. He allegedly put leaves in his mouth and used a switch to whip him repeatedly. The 217-pound athlete is also believed to have punched the tot's scrotum. He has since been indicted for child abuse.

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