Cristiano Ronaldo Just Ordered A Wax Statue Of Himself For His Mansion

The wax dummy will cost the egocentric footballer a cool 46 grand.

Cristiano Ronaldo will soon have a wax statue of himself at his mansion in Spain.

The Real Madrid superstar apparently fell in love with his sculpture on a visit to Madrid's Wax Museum and shelled out $46,000 to bring a replica home.

Rich folks have antiques, prized collectibles and other vintage stuff at their homes but not many have their own wax statues. Ronaldo will soon become one such rare individual.

When you think about it, though, CR7's latest splurge comes as no surprise. There is no other sportsman on the face of the earth who is more in love with and concerned about his image than Ronaldo.

His greasy hairdo, muscular physique, plucked eyebrows – all are a reminder that he is his own No. 1 fan. Hence, having a lifelike dummy of his own self at home makes perfect sense.

cristiano ronaldo , Cristiano Ronaldo Is Buying a £20000 Wax Figure of Himself for His House

The obsessively style-conscious footballer made sure that even his statue got the best grooming possible. Instead of letting the museum people take care of the object's hair, he sent in his personal hair stylist to fashion it just as he wanted.

"We still had the mould that we’d used to sculpt him in 2013, so this copy was a complete duplicate," sculptor Michael Wade told The Sun. "And Ronaldo sent us a football kit and his latest boots to make it up to date.

"We left the hair alone, because that’s exactly how he wanted it. We put all the hair in, one at a time and then, in Madrid, his hairdresser came along to cut it."

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