Dallas Sportscaster Uses Greg Hardy To Pinpoint What's Wrong With Sports In The U.S.

Not everyone is happy with Dallas Cowboys newcomer Greg Hardy.

Dallas Sportscaster

We've known for a while that there is a major moral flaw in American sports culture. As long as a prospect has decent athletic ability, all can be forgiven, and it usually is.

It doesn't matter what you do in your private life. If you can put on a show and help the team win, there will always be someone waiting to take a chance on you. Murderers, rapists, wife beaters – they all get multiple chances to earn fame and fortune.

This is the reality come to terms with, but Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen hasn't. When his Cowboys signed Greg Hardy to a one-year, $11.3 million deal, a few eyebrows were raised as to why someone who has been accused of domestic abuse in the past is being signed. But none had the gall of Hansen, who launched a full-blown attack over the five-time Super Bowl champions' latest recruitment.

Mind you, Hardy's former girlfriend accused him of a brutal assault last year. He could've been convicted, had he not paid her off at the last second to keep her mouth shut.

With that event fresh in Hansen's memory, he gave a tongue lashing to the franchise, head coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones. He also dissected our sports system and explained how it has become acceptable for rosters to be full of lowlifes and despicable human beings.

Check out the entire segment in the video above.

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