Danny Amendola Almost Lost Tom Brady's 400th TD Ball

A random fan almost took home the most prized possession of Tom Brady's career.

Sports stars are walking, talking producers of prized paraphernalia. Anything they touch, use, wear or – as in this case – throw becomes valued, and they distribute a lot of it to fans and others.  

But when it comes to career milestones, sports stars tend to keep the balls, the bats and the gloves for themselves. This is what most of the football world expected Tom Brady to do when he threw to Danny Amendola against the Jaguars for his 400th career touchdown pass.

If not Brady then Amendola would've claimed the ball just so he could possess a piece of his teammate's legendary career. That ball's emotional as well as market value had just soared, but apparently Amendola was unaware of it.

Immediately after catching it, he handed it to a random fan in the stands, much to the astonishment of everyone watching.

How could Amendola not care about the ball that Brady threw to become only the fourth QB ever to reach 400 career TD passes?

“I didn't realize it until halfway back to the sidelines, that I gave the 400 ball away,” Amendola said in a post-game interview. “We got it back and [Brady] got it, so it's good. It was a great pass, a great play and we ended up getting six points out of it. It was a solid start to the game."

But even if they hadn't been able to retrieve it, Brady says it would've been fine.

“I don’t care,” Brady said after the game. “It’s just a ball. But I had a lot of fun. Danny can do whatever he wants, he made a great catch.”

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