Wife Beater Ray Rice Continues To Be Adored By Ravens Fans

As far as some Baltimore Ravens fans are concerned, Ray Rice did nothing wrong.

Ray Rice

You would think that the video evidence of disgraced football player Ray Rice punching his wife Janay Palmer would've turned even the staunchest of the Baltimore Ravens supporters against him. Wrong.

It turns out that Rice,who is easily the most hated man in sports these days, continues to be adored by a faction of theRavens fans. Not just adored, they are not shy to offer their support to him publicly.

The Ravens on Thursday played their first game since the Rice controversy unfolded, and so Fox Sports 1's Mike Grafolo scoured the fans before the game to see if anyone was still sporting their number 27 Ray Rice jerseys. To his surprise, not only were some fans proudly wearing their Rice gear, but they were also defending him despite knowing what he did.

One fan offered the explanation that since others before Rice have gotten away with far worse, he should too. Another declared him an "outstanding citizen" who should be forgiven because he has repented enough.

A woman went as far as saying that she doesn't believe in domestic violence and that Rice's punch on his wife was justified because "any woman who can hit a man, a man shouldn't have to sit there and take the abuse."


Ray Rice

The truth is that those fans aren't the only ones who've stood by Rice ever since his moment of infamy was exposed for all to see by TMZ. NBA superstar Paul George, who is usually a very levelheaded guy, sent out a few tweets in Rice's support before deleting them. His PR-team probably made him do it.

Twitter also has some people sharing George's opinion regarding Rice.

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