This Is The Coolest Catch You'll See This Season

August 5, 2014: You'll be watching this play in highlight reels over and over again.

Baseball in general and MLB in particular is not everyone's cup of tea. In fact, any sport that involves a bat and a ball requires a certain type of audience that has the patience to wait while action is delivered to them in short bursts.

But there are moments in every sport that could appeal to even those who aren't fans or don't even know the rules. Take a look at Detroit Tigers' center fielder Ezequiel Carrera, whose catch in the game against the New York Yankees would excite anyone.

The 27-year-old defied the laws of physics and snagged Jacoby Ellsbury's hit with his wrong hand while airborne. Of course, he himself had made the catch difficult by coming in instead of taking a straight line, but let's not ruin his big moment.

Even Derek Jeter couldn't believe his eyes.

Check out what could quite possible be the best catch you'll see in the MLB this season.

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