Detroit's Dominic Raiola STOMPS On Ego Ferguson's Ankle

What punishment should the NFL give? The Detroit Lions football team will be playing for the NFC North title next week. Will they be without their starting center?


Take a look at the video above. Player Dominic Raiola stomped on Chicago Bears defensive tackle Ego Ferguson's ankle during Sunday's game. It's pretty obvious that it was on purpose - Raiola looks down at Ferguson's ankle, and stomps down. Thankfully Ferguson wasn't severely injured, he limped off the field, but returned shortly after

After the game, Raiola claimed that the stomp wasn't intentional, sources say he apologized to Ferguson.


Fans of Raiola's team aren't happy. Like this Reddit user, many want him off the team completely. 



Ferguson isn't buying the claim that it was accidental. Here's what he said after the game about the incident:


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