Did The Cleveland Cavaliers Take It Too Far With This Promo Video

The answer is yes. Absolutely. During Wednesday night's playoff game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls, the Quickens Loan Arena graced the audience with that gem of a promotional video.

As if American sports culture didn't already have enough normalized domestic violence

The promotional video was supposed to be a parodied version of this United HealthCare commercial:

Maybe that contextualizes the promo video, but The Daily Dot pointed out that it was likely there were domestic violence victims possibly sitting next to their abusers in the audience. 

While this may seem like a harmless, funny spoof to some fans, the portrayal of violence remains subtle and insidious. It is unlikely that someone will watch the video and immediately grow the need to throw women across living rooms. But making light of abuse and domestic violence inadvertently silence victims who experience it. 

And putting the whole woman-tossing aspect aside, the video was painfully unfunny anyway. 

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