So Ray Rice Is Done, But What About Others Like Him?

Ray Rice may be done in the NFL, but what about others like him?

Ray Rice

With his football career teetering on the verge of destruction, Ray Rice may have finally gotten the punishment he so deserved, but unfortunately, not every domestic abuser has a TMZ video working against him.

Without the conclusive video evidence, Rice would have continued to earn millions and might have even repaired his reputation in a few years. While it's encouraging to know that that won't be possible now, Rice isn't the entire problem but actually a mere point in case.

The fact is that the entertainment industry has many more characters like Rice who regularly indulge in violent acts against their partners but still manage to stay free, because of our justice system's lenient take on the issue.

Ray Rice

Take a look at Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s personal life for instance. Two of his exes have accused him of domestic abuse. The second of those accusations came on Monday when Pretty Boy's former flame Shantel Jackson revealed how she was repeatedly abused, tortured and even kept in near captivity by the World Champion boxer.

This was after Floyd was dragged into court by another former lover Josie Harris in 2010 for domestic battery. That makes Floyd a serial offender, yet he has served just two months of prison term and that too at a comfortable detention center. Moreover, his offences haven't had any influence over his financial stature, and he continues to earn tens of millions for each fight. He has another fight coming in this weekend, which will at least add another $32million to his already deep pockets.

We criticize the NFL for its inadequate punishment of Rice, but what about the International Boxing Federation and other governing bodies of Floyd's sports who shamelessly saw him plead guilty to misdemeanor, battery but did nothing.

Ray Rice

Chris Brown's is another infamous example. It's no secret what he did to Rihanna in 2009, but while he willfully faced the legal consequence, neither the Grammys nor any other music industry's authority handed him an official punishment. In fact, he is now a regular feature at award shows and sports the image of someone who made a mistake and then repented.

Still, he did end up paying a little bit though through endorsements and media backlash, but the question is what if his victim not been as influential and famous as Rihanna. Would justice be just as just then?

Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson's are similar high profiledomestic abuse cases whose court verdicts failed to really provide much relief to the victims.

The point is that domestic violence is rife in celebrity circles but incredibly hard to prove, which is why most abusers easily work their way around it. The need is for the justice system as well as other governing bodies to tighten up their disciplinary rules, impose harsher sanctions on even first-time offenders, and stop springing in action only after TMZ provides video evidence.

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