Tennis Player Warned For 'Son Of a Biscuit' Rant

Why is swearing in sports such a big deal?

You's a motherpacker, ain't you? Now take some of the junk you have packed in your bag and shove it up your cupboard!

No profanities were used in the abovementioned sentences, but it will still be bad enough to get you a warning in a tennis match, as one American player named Donald Young recently found out.

Young, who despite his name isn't that young anymore and has definitely passed the age when one has to put a dollar bill in a jar for saying the F-word, is in the news today. It's not because he has won a tournament or anything – which by the way is very rare in the life of Mr. Young.

It's because in his opening round defeat of Alexander Zverev at the Sarasota Challenger a few days ago, he missed a routine backhand, got frustrated with himself, and did the madness of spewing out the all-time worst of the worst cuss:

"Son of a biscuit, man! Biscuit, man! Biscuit!”

It got him a warning from the chair umpire, and as expected, Young couldn't believe it. Neither could we. In a sport that has had more than its share of potty-mouthed legends – most of them from the US – it is surprising that Young was picked on like this.

Young expressed his innocence by saying: "Come on Keith, don’t give me crap for that, man. I said ‘son of a biscuit.’ That’s a problem? That’s a problem now?”

But maybe he gave up too easy. We bet if Keith was officiating a more high-profile match, he'd not have made the same call for the fear of this:

If you can read lips, you'll find a lot of Fuc*s and Shi*s in this cricket montage:

O, Cricket's too foreign for you? Then check out our own NBAers trash talk. And they don't use any of this biscuits BS. They deal in hard, pure profanity.

In the light of all we've seen so far, it's fair to conclude that Young gave up way to easy. There is nothing wrong with a bit of swearing when you're playing such a physically demanding sport. If you let a few go, it should be no biggie. Our message to the authorities, don't kill the emotion in sports. The days of polished gentlemen in sports are long gone. And they weren't fun either.

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