Which Team Does Drizzy Drake Really Support?

April, 23, 2014: Toronto Raptors fan Drizzy Drake changes sports allegiance like Taylor Swift changes boyfriends.

Canadian rapper Drake's frequent switching of allegiance from one sports franchise to another is no secret. In the past few years, the man has been pictured in the colors of almost every major team out there.

While his loyalty doesn't mean much to most clubs, it is expected of him to at least be a REAL, hardcore fan of the Toronto Raptors because that's Drake’s hometown team. During the Raptors' crucial Game 2 win over the Brooklyn Nets in the ongoing NBA Playoffs, Drake showed how big a Raptors fan he is and how excited he is about his team being active post-season after six long years.

The Take Care singer was spotted using a lint roller when the game was on the line. In the GIF above, the 27-year-old Torontonian can be seen sitting courtside, diligently working to make sure his pants absolutely have no lint at all.

That's the global brand ambassador of the Toronto Raptors right there.

While we're on the Drizzy Drake crusade, let's show you how his sporting loyalty can be easily bought in exchange for a media event and some headlines.

Drake Being a Chelsea Blue

Drake Being a Manchester United Fan

Here Is Him In The Other Manchester Colors

And Here Is Him Accepting a Jersey From a Liverpool Player

Now in Barcelona Jersey

That's Drake In Mario Balotelli's AC Milan Shirt

Him Supporting the Kentucky Wildcats

Donning a Johnny Manziel Shirt

Look At Drizzy Drake Being Best Buds With Some More Sports Stars

So which new team do you think Drizzy Drake would be in love with when the Toronto Raptors' Playoffs run gets over? Our money is on Arsenal FC.

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