NBA Stars Have Nothing On These Super Athletic Pro Dunkers

If the two sets squared off in a contest, it would be a very lopsided affair.

The NBA's Slam Dunk contest disappoints year after year but that doesn't mean the art of finishing at the rim with authority and showmanship is dead.

It is alive and kicking in the form of pro dunkers, and producing gems that will blow your mind.

The latest summit of these otherworldly pro dunkers took place in Berlin, where some of the finest of the dunking circuit competed for bragging rights to the Dunk Elite title.

What ensued was insane elevation, fancy maneuvers and some mindboggling finishes.

First up is the contest winner Jordan Kilganon's dunk that practically won it for him:


Here is some more insanity from him:


One of the reasons why @jordankilganon KILLED the contest today!! ?????? #dunkelite #shutupandplay #k1x

A video posted by Dunk Elite (@dunkelite) on


And how about this Rafal “Lipek” Lipinski slam:


A 360, under the leg dunk over four guys? How is that even humanly possible?

And now, here is something that you only find on EA Sports' discontinued NBA Live series.

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