Racist Football Fans In Ukraine Rough Up Black Fans Of Their Own Club

They loved the same sport and supported the same club but fellow fans attacked them just because of the color of their skin.

It is unbelievable how even in this day and age some sports fans could be so disgusting and racist. Common sense would suggest that even if you are racist against black folks, it's better to not show your tendencies at a televised ballgame where there are so many cameras rolling.

But apparently racism is still common, while common sense is NOT, in some parts of Eastern Europe. During a Champions League match between Dynamo Kiev and Chelsea on October 20 in Ukraine, four black guys were targeted and beaten up by others fans of the same club they all supported.

This means Dynamo Kiev fans beat up a bunch of other Dynamo Kiev fans just because they were dark skinned. It wasn't just one group targeting them either. Wherever the quartet went they ran into confrontational white supremacists. Some others did try to protect them but they were far and few between.

It's just sad that these sort of hateful forces are allowed to exist within the Beautiful Game. Football-related racism by Dynamo fans is nothing new. Last season the club paid a fine and was ordered to close part of its stadium where the Ultras sit as punishment for their supporters' harassment of the visiting Evertonians.

BBC also highlighted the widespread racism in the region when Ukraine co-hosted the UEFA Euro 2012 along with Poland. At that time it was termed as negative propaganda but we can now see that it is clearly a social menace that needs to be dealt with.

BBC Panorama - Stadiums of Hate - Euro 2012by WWExChamp

The video of the aforementioned incident was first spotted by an anti-discrimination group called Fare whose executive director Piara Powar told the Guardian, “This terrible incident reflects many of the continuing realities of football in central and Eastern Europe. A report has been made to UEFA, who have regulatory responsibility for the match, and we will be lobbying for the strongest sanctions.”

UEFA needs to come down heavy on Dynamo since it's a repeat offense. Meanwhile, the club has a responsibility to identify and serve life bans to all those who were involved in the abhorrent incident above.

UEFA has in the past banned clubs for failing to comply with its financial regulations. Perhaps, it's time it also declares racism as an issue worth banning clubs for. Maybe then only Dynamo will spring into action and rid itself of its Ultras like folks over in Britain did in the '80s.

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