When It Comes To Slam Dunk Contests, NBA Has Nothing On NCAA

Michigan State's Adreian Payne packs every bit of entertainment in a single dunk sequence.

NBA is all tapped out when it comes to delivering good, entertaining Slam Dunk contests, but fortunately for us, College Basketball is still alive.

The 2014 NCAA Denny’s Slam Dunk Competition took place recently in Dallas, and the participants, their dunks and the fans all contrived to put on a spectacular show.

The highlight of the day came when Michigan State's Adreian Payne took the ball in his hand. The 6'10 forward first went to an eight-year-old cancer patient named Lacey Holsworth with whom he has a special bond.

Payne then delivered an insane double-clutch 360 slam dunk, which is good enough to win any dunk competition at any level. As if that wasn't enough, Payne then provided icing on the cake with his human bowling celebration.

The man who won the competition though was Eastern Kentucky's Marcus Lewis, whose winning dunk was him jumping right over the top of another baller. He missed it a few times but then got it right finally, like this:

Another one of Payne's – a double dunk – was quite impressive too.

But Lewis responded with something even better:

And here is Cory Jefferson taking flight from the free throw line:

In between all the high quality dunking, there were a few fails like the one by Cleanthony Early – who couldn't finish his dunk over people sitting down and fell heavily on the floor.

But even his embarrassing botched dunk added to the event's overall colors and made it more memorable.

Dear NBA, learn!

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