Heaviest Sumo Wrestler Takes On a 169-Lb. Welterweight. It's Not Pretty.

Those Japanese make some crazy fights. And it doesn't get crazier than this.


If you thought Fedor versus Choi Hong-man was a size mismatch, how about this one then. In this 1998 novelty fight, a 600-pound sumo wrestler fights a 169-pound welterweight.

The big dude is Emmanuel 'Manny' Yarborough who is 6'8 and, when not training, has weighed as much as 882 pounds. Yep, that makes him the Guinness World Record holder for being the heaviest living athlete.

His opponent is Daiju Takase, who is less than one-third of Yarborough's size. Fighters always moan and play the underdog card when they're giving up weight to their opponent, but Takase does no such thing, despite being 431 pounds lighter than man-mountain in front of him.

For much of the fight, Takase runs around the ring, evading Yarbrough's reach. He finally gets caught when attempting a takedown. At this point, you'd think Takase has no chance escaping Yarbrough's death grip, which commentator Bas Rutten's screams suggest are "LIKE JAWS OH GOD IT’S LIKE JAWS."

But then the age-old debate of size vs. skills gets solved. Takase was a trained MMA fighter who would go on to defeat UFC legend Anderson Silva five years later. On the other hand, Yarbrough, in MMA at least, was a freak show.

Toward the end of the fight, the wee man wriggles his leg free of the Goliath before delivering a barrage of head punches that drew out a submission.

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