Watch The Colts Fail Miserably With The Stupidest Play In NFL History

"We’ve seen a lot of bizarre stuff, I’ve never seen anything more bizarre than that," an astounded NBC announcer Chris Collinsworth says.

Who would've thought that the Michigan punter's gaffe on Saturday night would be topped so soon?

Just a day after Blake O'Neill booked his place in college football Hall of Shame for fumbling and conceding a last minute, game-losing touchdown, the NFL's Indianapolis Colts did something even more mind-numbingly stupid.

In the third quarter of their Sunday-night showdown with the Patriots, coach Chuck Pagano's men ran a needless fake punt play that is unfathomable for a healthy, rational human brain. It was so ridiculous that fans and experts are unanimous in their verdict of it being the worst play ever ran in the NFL or even all football.

Trailing 27-21 and facing 4th-and-3 toward the end of the third quarter, the Colts fans were stunned when nearly their entire lineup shifted to the right side of the play, leaving only wide receiver Griff Whalen and safety Colt Anderson in the middle. With the regulars nowhere near the area of action, Whalen became the make-shift center and Colt the team's quarterback.

Everyone inside Lucas Oil Stadium watched in disbelief at what was happening or what kind of play Pagano had drawn. Then, the 190-lb Whalen snapped the ball to Anderson, who was now facing a wave of Patriots all by himself and practically had no chance.

Of course, he was immediately tackled.

To add more insult to injury, the ref called a penalty on the play as the rules require at least seven bodies on the line of scrimmage and none of the Colts who had gone to the right had remembered to do that.

It means even if by some miracle of miracles the absurd play would've worked, it would've failed. The Pats are the reigning defending champs for a reason. They declined the penalty and a few plays later scored a TD that practically ended the game. Even though they attempted a comeback in the final quarter, there was no coming back from that embarrassment of a play.

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