Angry Fan Dropkicks Footballer During Live TV Interview

Aquiles Ocanto got Van Dammed for his performance on the pitch.

Venezuela's top football league

If you wonder why most South American athletes are in such a hurry to leave their countries, here is your answer.

Following a 0-0 draw in Venezuela's top football league, Carbobo FC's Aquiles Ocanto was giving an interview to a female reporter when an angry fan invaded the field and planted a devastating flying kick right into the unsuspecting player's back.

Ocanto had no idea what hit him as he went face first to the ground. The camera was rolling and it got a clear view of the hooligan, who in a perfect world would have been behind bars by now. But unfortunately, incidents like this one are all too common in the unruly world of South American sports.

Fortunately, despite the ferocity of the kick, Ocanto isn't injured, though his assailant is still on the loose. After the video went viral in the international media, Carabobo FC took to Twitter to reveal that the player is unhurt and condemn the incident.

While the club said in its tweet that it rejects such acts of violence, one can't help but wonder where their match day security was. If they couldn't prevent the unprovoked attack, the least they could've done was apprehend the fan after it. But apparently that's too much to ask for.

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