Fans Sue Manny Pacquiao For Consumer Fraud

Many viewers of the Mayweather v. Pacquiao fight felt ripped off after an anticlimactic evening. But a few particularly disgruntled fans are taking Manny Pacquiao to court for not being upfront about his injury beforehand.

The "Fight of the Century" turned out to be quite stagnant. . . Judges unanimously deemed Floyd Mayweather the winner. Both Mayweather and Manny Paquiao walked away with millions while most fans were left $100 poorer. 

After the fight, Pacquiao disclosed to the public that he fought with an injured rotator cuff and that the Nevada State Athletic Commission denied him an anti-inflamatory shot. 

A few boxing fans are now suing Pacquiao for consumer fraud and fraudulent concealment, TMZ reported.

Stephane Vale and Kami Rahbaran filed suit on behalf of everyone who bet on the fight or purchased the $100 pay-per-view broadcast without being aware that Pacquiao was hurt. They're seeking $5 million.

fans sue Manny Pacquiao

However, not all fans feel entitled to a refund. User AudibleDefect commented his input regarding the lawsuit on the Gawker article:

Manny Pacquiao facing lawsuit as boxing fans

It seems Pac-Man can't catch a break: Losing to Mayweather, suffering from an injury, getting sued, etc. But leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to make it all better.

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