Female Soccer Player Ordered To Strip Naked To Prove Gender

Genoveva Anonma, a soccer star from Equatorial Guinea, has faced humiliation for years by accusers claiming she was a man. Now she tells us just how bad it was, as she talks about being forced to strip naked to prove her gender.

In the world of soccer, it isn't anything new that Genoveva Anonma of Equatorial Guinea is one of Africa's greatest female players. 

However, her success is not what has gotten her attention and sadly she has appeared in headlines over the past few years for other reasons.

For years, Genoveva was accused of being a man and therefore her accusers felt that she was not qualified for the team she played on and the wins she helped earn her team. Although it has been hard for her to talk about, Genoveva has come forward in an interview about her embarrassing experiences with the African football authorities, who caused her so much humiliation.

The allegations began when Genoveva scored the winning goal against South Africa for Equatorial Guinea in the Africa Cup of Nations in 2008. Immediately after earning a beautiful win for her team, the opposing teams began questioning her gender.

Although gender accusations can occur quite frequently in soccer, there is certain protocol that needs to be done to prove someone's gender, such as medical tests. Instead of the authorities adhering to this, Genoveva tells us how she was forced to strip naked to prove herself in front of them. She describes the low moral she felt as she cried and wondered what made authorities think this way about her.

To this day, Genoveva still receives accusations regarding her gender, but after what she's been through, she has learned to ignore it. Her quick movements and strong muscle may appear to some as qualities that women can't possibly possess, but after all, she is just one amazing athlete.


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