Web Has A Field Day With Suarez Punishment Meme

Luis Suarez gets spanked by FIFA and Twitter users on the same day.

Luis Suarez, who delivered a shoulder bite seen 'round the world at the World Cup, received the harshest punishment FIFA has ever handed down.

Suarez is banned from nine international matches and four months of FIFA soccer, sanctions that not only leave Uruguay without the biter for the remainder of the World Cup, but also extend to the English Premier league.

Debate is already raging about the punishment -- "too litte!" say those who note he's a repeat offender for biting. "Too much!" say those who question whether biting is worse than head-butting -- but it's fairly appalling that this 27-year-old hasn't outgrown behavior a toddler knows is wrong.

Instead of fighting, let's all just enjoy the Internet doing what it does best: a Twitter hashtag explosion of #ThingsSuarezCantDo. Some of these are pure gold.


If you need a reminder why people are so upset at Suarez's conduct, it's because it's nothing new. Presenting his most ridiculous moments, even before this bite:


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