Only Colombians Could’ve Given This Incredible Reception To Its Soccer Heroes

July 08, 2014: Colombia knows how to celebrate both victory and defeat.

Although Colombia didn't advance to the championship rounds at the World Cup, players were given a hero's welcome as they returned home to Bogota after their 2014 FIFA World Cup exit.

Thousands of fans welcomed home their national team after the Cafeteros' made it to the final eight of the World Cup for the first time in history.

Host nation Brazil beat Colombia 2-1 in the quarterfinals of the tournament on Friday.

While the entire team looked utterly distressed after the defeat, it was particularly devastating for James Rodriguez, who delivered a stellar performance throughout the World Cup this year – a record-breaking six goals.

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Rodriguez is currently ranked as one of the best young players in the world.

Much love and appreciation for the 22-year-old Colombian soccer star was expressed by his people. Fans held banners and large portraits of him as they welcomed their hero home.

Rodriguez was overwhelmed. He even posted this selfie amid all the revelry, thanking his nation for their unyielding devotion and support.

He also sent out his love to injured teammate Radamel Falcao, who could not make it to the tournament.

"I want to remember someone who isn't here and had a big roll in all of this. That's Falcao the tiger. Falcao, we love you very much," Rodriguez said, according to Reuters.

During the grand celebrations while waiting for their team’s arrival in Bogota, a woman apparently fainted.

However, nothing stopped Colombians from welcoming their champions.

And how can a Colombian party be complete without showing off some incredible dance moves?

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