If This Video Won’t Motivate You To Cheer For USA Soccer Team, Nothing Will

July 01, 2014: One nation, one team. Go team USA! So far, everything has worked out quite well for the United States men's national soccer team during the FIFA World Cup.

The squad, also referred to as the USMNT, has surprisingly been able to survive a rather tough competition this year.

The U.S. lost 1-0 on Thursday to Germany, but managed to advance to the knockout stage of the tournament, having survived this year's Group of Death.

It is a feat that has helped rekindle the love for soccer in the U.S., where television ratings have reportedly soared during the World Cup – almost equivalent to Olympic-level audiences.

In fact, this year's telecasts are setting records, according to a report by Wall Street Journal.

As a tribute to the USMNT’s astonishingly pleasant journey, American soccer fan and YouTube user Tyler Wirfs created a fantastic video to get more people pumped up for a decisive match on Tuesday when the U.S. will battle Belgium for last quarter-final spot.

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A team that is being labeled “an ascendant soccer power” and “the dark horse” of this year’s World Cup, Belgium appears to be awfully confident of its victory this week.

“Pressure, you know, it is worse if you have child who's ill and in hospital," 45-year-old Belgian coach Marc Wilmots told reporters at Belo Horizonte's Mineirao stadium on Monday.

“Here there is no pressure. We have made huge step forward in just a few years, so let's put things in perspective," he said.

However, despite Belgium’s intimidating winning streak, Tyler Wirfs believes that the U.S. should not lose hope. To quote one of the best lines from his dramatic narration in the video above:

“Just because they are strong doesn’t mean they can’t get their a**es kicked.”

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