Jameis Winston's Rose Bowl Blunder Inspires Hilarious Memes

Jameis Winston is the brunt of all jokes, and it's all his own fault.

As if Florida State QB Jameis Winston's ugly fumble in the 2015 Rose Bowl game against Oregon wasn't hilarious on its own, the Internet has added another layer of fun to it.

With the third quarter winding down and the Seminoles trailing 39-20, Winston made one of the worst mistakes in college football history when he fumbled the ball while trying to throw it away. This was his moment of infamy:

You can't expect social media's funnymen to sit quiet on a mess up this bad. Soon, the Twitter trend #StumbleFumble was born, and it resulted in these cracks – at Winston's expense, of course:

Actually Lance Stephenson Was Behind It

Or May Be It Was Randy Orton


Nope It Definitely Was Ndamukong Suh's Stomp


Odell Beckham Had To Make An Appearance

Winston Even Got His Own Candy



Winston was in the news earlier this year for stealing crab legs and crawfish from a grocery store, so his fumble-inspired memes also had a lot of this:

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