Floyd Mayweather's All-Time List Features Him At Top And Ali At Fifth

It looks like Pretty Boy can't pass up on any opportunity to insult The People's Champion.

It is one thing to call yourself the greatest boxer of all time, but a whole other level of egotism (and foolishness) to purposefully belittle the most revered boxing legend on the planet.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. did just that – yet again.

Earlier this year, the narcissistic world champ sparked outrage in the boxing community by saying, "No one can ever brainwash me to make me believe that Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali was better than me."

Mayweather doubled down on his big ego during his appearance on ESPN Deportes by revealing his top five boxing greats list. Shocking no one, Mayweather put himself at No. 1 – and Ali at fifth.

We know of Mayweather's overconfidence in his own ability, but with all due respect, even Roberto Duran, Pernell Whitaker and Julio Cesar Chavez wouldn't claim to be better pugilists than The People's Champion.

When asked to explain his incredibly low view of Ali, Mayweather explained: "He was only at one weight class. This is me just being honest. It's so hard (picking a top-five) ... What Ali did is he stood for a cause."

It's hard to find logic in his reasoning because Ali was a heavyweight, beyond which there are no more weight classes. Unlike Mayweather, he consistently fought the toughest men of his era, some of whom were far bigger than him.

Floyd Mayweather

The only way for Ali to fight in multiple weight classes was to cut weight and go down, which would certainly have been an advantage for him and not his opponents.

On top of it, fights in Ali's days weren't hard to make as they are now, which is why he fought so many of his top rivals multiple times. On the other hand, the self-proclaimed greatest, Mr. Mayweather Jr., is incredibly lucky to still have his unbeaten record and is a notorious ducker who avoided Manny Pacquiao for years and took the fight only when the hard-hitting Filipino was past his prime.

Also, Ali knew how to READ.

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