Soccer Star Has Banana Thrown At Him, What He Does Next Is Incredible

April, 28, 2014: A soccer player might have taught us a new way of countering racist taunts.

Sometimes, a bit of lightheartedness instead of retaliation is the way to go when countering racism.

Meet the soccer player Daniel Alves. Danny was recently the subject of a racist taunt on the field of play and in the view of entire world. It usually results in players throwing hissy fits or even walking out of the game, but this man didn't do that.

The incident happened when the Brazilian went to take a corner in Barcelona's away clash with Villarreal on Sunday night. As Alves – a highly decorated player – was steadying up to kick the ball, a banana came flying towards him. Yes, bananas being thrown at players of African descent are still a regular sight in European football.

The Barca right-back spotted the fruit, but instead of freaking out like so many before have done, he did the simplest of things. He picked it up, peeled it and ate it right there and then. End of controversy.

Who knew that the banana taunt can be countered that easily?

His team went on to win the game 3-2 despite trailing 2-1 at the time when the incident happened. It probably serves Villarreal right when their fans are still delivering such racist taunts.

Later on, when Alves was asked about it in a post-match interview, he simple said: "It's been happening for 11 years, we can't change it, so best to treat it as a joke. If we give it no importance, they fail."

Maybe, that's the attitude everyone over there in Europe needs to adopt to end the racism menace against players of color.

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