Fox Sports' Katie Nolan Roasts Her Own Employers For Publishing Sexist Article

The single most (embarrassingly) sexist article on Fox Sports gets the treatment it deserves.

How To Land A Husband At The Masters

It doesn’t matter if Fox Sports is paying her salary – Garbage Time host Katie Nolan will call out sexism whenever and wherever she sees it.

Denouncing a terrible blog post, "How to Land a Husband at the Masters," written by Rebecca Johnson, Nolan roasted the offensive stereotypes depicted in the article.

“Not every woman goes to sporting events to find men, but 2-3 percent of women do,” she said. “They deserve to have articles geared to their interests on sports websites that they’ll never visit, just in case they end up there by accident. It is very easy to try to type ‘’ and accidentally type ‘’ if you just got your nails done.”

Although Nolan’s sarcastically humorous takedown was spot-on, it was the response from Clay Travis, who runs Fox Sports’ website, which was far more troubling.

Nolan said she spoke to Travis about the article and he simply said it was mean to be “lighthearted.” However, it’s nowhere mentioned in the piece that it is meant to be satire or a spoof.

It is this casual – or, to quote Travis, lighthearted – approach toward sexism and related stereotypes that is more upsetting that the issue itself.

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There are more than a couple of offensive statements in Johnson’s now-controversial write-up.

First, it tells women how to attract men – a decades-long media practice that should just be abandoned, for good. In addition, the author assumes that all women hate tournaments like golf, advises them not to “wear a scowl on their faces” (because it would drive away prospective suitors) and implies females past 30 are just not that appealing to men.

How can anyone – with a rational mind – consider the aforementioned stuff “lighthearted?”

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Nolan’s scathing critique, posted below, was not just entertaining; it was also much-needed. Also, it wasn’t the first time she risked her job at Fox Sports to defend what is right.

Last September, Nolan addressed Ray Rice’s domestic violence scandal and called out the NFL as well as her employer:

"The truth is, the NFL will never respect women and their opinions as long as the media it answers to doesn’t. I’m ready when you are, Fox.”

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