Watch How Frank Mir Saved His UFC Career With Devastating KO Of Bigfoot

On the night of the underdog in UFC, an MMA veteran saved his career with an impressive KO.

frank mir

Heading into their heavyweight bout at UFC Fight Night in Porto Alegre, Brazil, both Frank Mir and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva were in poor form.

A former UFC heavyweight champion and once his sport's poster boy, Mir, 36, hadn't won a fight in four years. His career was heading toward its conclusion, just like his opponent's was.

Silva too was without a win in his previous three fights, and at 35, it seemed his days in the UFC were numbered – unless he could defeat Mir.

If two fighters have ever fought to save careers, this was it.

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Silva was the favorite of the two, primarily because Mir's last win came in 2011 and the fact that he has never been the same since that career-threatening motorcycle accident of 2004. Home turf matters little in combative sports, but with local support behind him, Silva was expected to be the aggressor.

But then the unthinkable happened. Even at his peak, Mir wasn't known for his standup game, while Silva has been a knockout artist his whole career. Mir has admittedly worked on his striking game these past few months, but still few expected him to drop and knockout Bigfoot in just the second minute of the fight. Check this out:

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