Table Tennis Player Loses Game And Mind, Shoves Chair Umpire

What's with this surge of aggression in table tennis?

Table Tennis Player Loses Game And Mind, Shoves Chair Umpire

A video of a junior table tennis player shoving the umpire out of his chair after losing the match has emerged online.

In the incident – which apparently took place in Russia – the said sore loser can be seen dropping the match point. He calmly shakes his opponent's hand before approaching the seated umpire and pushing him so hard he falls out of his chair.

There is no context or explanation of his actions. Did the umpire make a horrible call or provoke him in some way? We don't know, but whatever his reason was, we're sure it didn't warrant a display of such poor sportsmanship.

Table tennis, also known as pingpong, has had a fairly unblemished history as far as player behavior is concerned. However, it seems the new generations of its players are learning the overly aggressive way prevalent in other sports.

Just last month pro table tennis star Zhang Jike celebrated his World Cup title by kicking advertising boards. He was fined the entire $45,000 prize money for that outburst.

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