These Tweets about the World Cup Are Hilariously Awesome

June, 14, 2014: Here is what we think are Twitterverse’s funniest comments on the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup

Imagine if you’re a Japanese supporter or a Pokemon fan and you see this awesome photo on the internet. How excited would you be?

This tweet not only sent scores of internet fans running wild on social media websites, it actually caught the attention of some of the major sports news outlets.

However, amidst all the rejoicing, it took a while for people to realize this was a hoax propelled forward by the now-infamous unofficial FIFA World Cup account.

Finally, Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft cleared the air by posting the original image of the arrival, which was later verified by Japanese media. Jeez, what a buzzkill!

FIFA World Cup

As the first match went underway, ESPN’s Myron Medcalf got a little too excited:

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MattyTalks had a tough one for us:

The host country Brazil kicked off the game in style as the country’s own defender Marcelo accidentally scored own goal when trying to deflect a ball. As expected, hilarity ensued:

When going got rough, Marcello finally spoke up. Or did he?

When it comes to Twitter jokes, no one can beat England’s supporters ridiculing their own team for its depressingly low chances of winning the cup.

John Carlin had inside report on the team’s arrival:

Ian Power made a prediction which may turn out to be true:

However, other’s had more realistic expectations from the English team:

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