Boxing Fans Think This Is The Sweetest Knockout Of The Year

They're not wrong. This KO is a shoo-in for the greatest knockouts blows of 2015.

We come across a lot of knockouts every year but very few have that sweet science working behind it as it does in this one.

It occurred in the Premier Boxing Champions fight between Gabriel Bracero and Danny O’Connor when the former caught the latter flush on the chin just 41 seconds into the bout.

As soon as the connection was made, O'Connor's mind went blank while his body was still upright and in motion. He collapsed like a house of cards, making it a KO for the highlight reel.

What makes the devastating right even sweeter for Bracero is the fact that he had preplanned the entire maneuver.

"As far as the feeling, it’s an amazing feeling...I worked on that punch in the gym," said Bracero. "Because he’s a southpaw, so I had to keep my left leg outside of his right leg. It was just stepping over to the left and swinging with all my might."

The nature of O'Connor's fall is enough for some to brand boxing a brutal, vicious sport for heartless savages. But what Bracero said afterwards will help alleviate those concerns.

He added: “My message to Danny was after my last loss [to an undefeated Felix Diaz], I went into a depression and I told him to pick himself back up and go home and be proud of himself. I didn’t want the same thing happening to him that happened to me... God bless Danny. God has blessed me with a second chance in life.”

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